SAP Security overview


SAP is an ERP and business application system. Any security vulnerability may result in financial loss, business disruptions,
misstatement of financial information.
Unlike infrastructure security vulnerability, SAP Security vulnerability may directly impact the business.
Access to critical and sensitive activities are controlled.
Ensures user access is appropriate based on their roles and responsibilities.


Faculty Introduction

Mr. Praveen is SAP GRC Certified and SAP Security certified consultant with around 10 years of Industry experience with
different MNCs. His real time knowledge helps and benefits the students a lot. He is the only faculty in Hyderabad teaching for
the past 5 years on SAP Security and SAP GRC with more than 100+ batches passed out and successfully placed.

Introduction to ERP

  • What is SAP?
  • Brief history of SAP

SAP Architecture and BASIS overview

  • 2 Tier and 3 tie Architecture
  • System Landscape
  • Application Layer – Work Processes and Services
  • Work processes types and their functions
  • Services Types and their functions

Client Administration

  • Client Creation, Client Copy and Client Deletion
  • IDES and Non IDES Clients

Background job Administration

  • Background Job Scheduling
  • Background Job Monitoring

Transport Management system

  • Domain Controller
  • Transport routes and Layer
  • Types of Transport Requests
  • Transportation of roles.

R/3 Security

Standard Authorization Concept

  • Auth Class, Auth Object, Fields and Values
  • Critical Authorization objects
  • Customizing Authorization concept – SU24
  • Upgrade – SU25

User Administration

  • User creation, modification & deletion
  • Assigning roles to user
  • User lock and Unlock
  • User Password parameters
  • Trouble shooting User access – SU53 & ST01
  • Mass user creation
  • Super Users
  • User Information system
  • User Buffer
  • SAP Tables related to UMR(User Master Record)

Role Administration

  • Types of roles
  • Role Creation – Single, Composite and Derived
  • Role modification – Single & Composite
  • Role deletion
  • Role transportation
  • Role assignment to user – Direct & Indirect
  • SAP Tables related to Roles

CUA – Central User Administration

  • Configuring CUA
  • Connecting & disconnecting child system to CUA
  • Creating users and assigning roles using CUA
  • Troubleshooting CUA related issues.

Other topics

  • Service Market place
  • Real time Scenarios & issues
  • Tracing Authorizatio

BW / BI Security

Introduction to BW & BI Systems

  • Info Providers – Info Objects, Info cubes, Multi providers, DSO
  • Info areas – Hierarchies
  • Difference between BW & BI Security

BW Security

  • Restricting access to Info Providers
  • Restricting access to queries.
  • Troubleshooting BW Authorizations
  • BW related Authorization Objects
  • Types of BW Users

BI Security

  • Analysis Authorization(AA) Concept
  • Restricting access to Info Objects
  • Trouble shooting AA s access.
  • Replicating user access issues

Other topics

  • IMG setting ON /OFF in SPRO
  • Upgrade of BW Security to BI Security
  • BEx Analyzer
  • Tables related to BW & BI Security
  • Real time design of AA s

HR Security

Introduction to HR system

  • Over view on HR Data
  • Types of HR Data – PA and PD Data
  • Info types & Sub Types
  • Authorization restrictions based on Info Types
  • HR related Authorization objects
  • HR Objects – Position, Org Unit, Cost Center etc.
  • Indirect role assignment to users

Structural Authorizations

  • Creation of PD profiles
  • Assignment of PD Profiles to user, Position & Org Unit
  • Setting up Communication Infotype
  • Evaluation Path

Enterprise Portal Security

Introduction to Enterprise Portal

  • UME – User Management Engine
  • Creation of Users
  • Creation of Roles
  • Creation of Portal Groups
  • Export and import of users, roles, groups etc
  • SSO concept
  • Security Zones
  • Troubleshooting permission

CRM Security

  • Background
  • CRM Business Role Concept
  • User Roles and Authorization
  • Generation of the PFCG Role
  • Fill the Profile Generator Customer Tables
  • Create an Empty PFCG Role
  • Add the PFCG role to the Business Role
  • Import objects into PFCG Role
  • Maintain the Authorizations of the new PFCG role
  • Generation Of The Frame Work Authorization Role
  • Assignment Of The Users To PFCG Roles
  1. Is SAP BASIS mandatory to learn SAP Security and GRC?
          No. It is not mandatory. But few topics are overlapping. Those topics will be covered in   our SAP Security Course.
  1. Do you have openings for Fresher in SAP Security& GRC?
          Very less openings for Fresher in all modules of SAP, not just in SAP Security or GRC. If you have any IT industry                             references, then it would be easier to get into SAP job as a Fresher.
  1. Do you have Programming in SAP Security & GRC?
          No programming. Just need to remember commands and use them as per the requirement
  1. Do you provide any Placement assistance?
           Yes – we will intimate you about the openings in different MNCs and we can also refer in the companies provided you are                 technically good
  1. What is the basic qualification to take up this SAP Security Course?
          Any graduation is fine. Only your experience matters. Some Indian companies like Infosys focus on 60% mandatory in the               academics
  1. What are the Salary ranges for SAP Security & GRC jobs?
           No of years of Experience * 2 to * 2.5 lakhs
           Ex, For 3 years’ experience salary range would be 6 to 7.5 Lakhs per Annum
  • 45 Days course
  • Only institute to provide specializations in SAP Security like BI security, HR Security with in depth knowledge
  • Mock Interviews
  • Daily real time scenarios assignments
  • 80 % success in Placements
  • Regular classes and finish the classes in time
  • Soft copy materials and FAQs provided
  • Continued Technical support even after completion of classes.

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